We can supply glass roof conservatories and Alpha Warm Roof

Alpha orangery if you feel you want basically a ‘solid’ roof.

Glass Roof or Polycarbonate?

Let me share my personal experience since 1979 Polycarbonate Disadvantage is in a relatively short period of time, it can start to look ’chatty’ you have to be careful what you use to clean it. Anything other than water will make it harder to clean the next time and will need more frequent cleaning. Advantage of Polycarbonate is that it is cheaper and there are different options of specification from translucent to heatshield.

Glass Roof Advantage is it can be clear. We usually use a ‘climate control’ specification and always use Active Blue ‘self cleaning’ glass so it maintains a much cleaner look. Disadvantage is down to you and the design that you require. It can become hot under a glass roof so we would design it for you, this depends on sun direction, ventilation and design of roof. Some consider air conditioning units.

Glass Roof or Polycarbonate?

Alpha Warm Roof

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Introducing some of the Differences of a Alpha Warm Roof

Alpha Orangery Roof

The Alpha Warm Roof System

Offers the latest technology in solid roof design and offers a real opportunity to add value to any home.

Lightweight construction Achieves a U-Value of just 0.15W/m2K GRP Construction so it eliminates moisture absorption or potential rotting as found in timber No Aluminium roof bar so eliminates cold bridging.

Suitable for all conservatory designs NEW build or retrofit.

Eliminates the need for steel and timber when you build traditionally.

So a solid roof in days rather than weeks.

Alpha Warm roof Saltash

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Alpha Orangery Roof

Where Beauty & Technology Combine

The New Alpha Orangery Roof capitalises on the trend for the Orangery style Conservatories & Extensions, with the latest in roof technology. No longer need to build walls and use steels un-necessarily .

Alpha Orangery Roof

The Alpha Orangery Roof Difference

Genuine Lightweight

Orangery Roof

No thermal bridging as seen in aluminium

Achieves a U-Value of just 0.15 W/m2K if required

Manufactured from a structurally tested high grade GRP profile system.

Insulation is inserted

Roof is waterproofed

Lantern is lifted on and sealed. Fascia and gutters fitted. Ceiling plastered.

lightweight warm conservatory roofs

No Timber or Steel used in the construction of this roof

There is a small amount of Aluminium in the ‘lantern’.

Disadvantage of Conservatory Roof Blinds And some observations with advice

Conservatory roof blinds can reduce glare and improve comfort, but this is where the benefits end. They are often more expensive than they are worth and here are some reasons why people choose a conservatory roof replacement or do it right to start with using an alpha warm roof.

1/ They are fiddly

Conservatory roof blinds need opening and closing and tweeking and adjusting all day every day, so they are effective. Not so much of an issue if you have a remote control but the manuel blinds are frustrating to live with. You’ll find yourself getting up a few times a day to adjust them so you can read in peace.

2/ They’re ugly

Conservatory roof blinds look fine when they are in position but in the case of fabric blinds they stack deep when retracted and look awful. In the case of pleated blinds, these look better but stand out.

3/ They have gaps.

Fit and finish matters, when it comes to a glazed conservatory roof because anything installed below it will be silhouetted .Gaps between the blinds and frames stand out and can allow sunlight to penetrate the room and the worse part is you can’t adjust the gap because the blinds are fixed into position.

4/ They don’t eliminate glare

They reduce it but they don’t eliminate it. If you want to eliminate the glare a polycarbonate or glazed conservatory creates with blinds, you would have to install blackout blinds. These may work but they are the ugliest type of blind available. They stick out like ‘a sore thumb’ and make a very dark and dreary room.

5/ They don’t remedy heat loss

Installing conservatory roof blinds to prevent heat loss is a fool’s errand. The blinds have no insulating properties whatsoever so provide no barrier to prevent heat from escaping up and through the roof.

6/ They need cleaning (regularly)

Dust collects on blinds, and that dust is thrown airborn whenever you use them. Not only is this annoying, it means you have to clean the blinds every few weeks which isn’t ideal. You’ll need stepladders to do a proper job– or a telescopic duster which will not be a good job it will just brush the dust off so you can breath it all in! You will find most blind installation companies offer a ‘professional cleaning service which will be very expensive and really proves a point.

7/ They’re a temporary solution to your gripes

These are the most commonly cited issues homeowners have with their conservatory : -

  • Their conservatory is too cold in winter and too hot in summer.
  • Their conservatory has too much glare, making it unusable.

8/ Most important of all

Roof and glass manufacturers will not guarantee their products if blinds are fitted. Remember we said about the whole conservatory being too hot? Imagine if you trap all that heat in a small gap under the glass, the roof bars will expand and move, and the heat sealed double glazingwill become so hot it will ’break down.


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